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Recapturing the American Dream of Home Ownership

Family Home Solutions is has a unique approach to all of your real estate needs. Whether you are looking to sell your home or purchase a new one, we have solutions that go beyond traditional methods to meet your needs. FHS can add additional value to buyers and sellers through our Lease/Purchase program. We buy homes and revive them “like new” condition. We offer our impressive end product to the community on monthly terms that are affordable. We pride ourselves on our product as well as our services. Our lease/option clients get full access to our in-house credit repair specialist as well as our bank relationships to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at becoming a home owner.

For a full list of available properties and soon to be available properties, please call us at 417-942-6000 or visit our Property Management site.

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We are now a member of the BBB. See our reviews.

Family Home Solutions is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Investor in Springfield, MO

Yes, we buy houses too.

We are always ready to purchase unwanted property.

No matter the reason for selling, we can help alleviate the stress of unwanted property. We buy and rehabilitate Springfield and Southwest Missouri Houses in any condition, location, or price range. Call us today at 417-942-CASH to set an appointment for one of our buyers to come out and do a FREE market assessment for our cash or term purchase options.

Why sell to Family Home Solutions?

We are a small group of local real estate investors. We all grew up in Springfield and have strong business ties in the area. When you see national chains advertising, they plan to give you the least amount of money they can in order to make a deal. Truth-be-told, they usually sell to us anyway at a marked up rate.

We help owners find financing to stay in their homes and we rent refurbished homes at affordable prices.

If we can help people get through hard times and fix up houses that others will be able to enjoy it is a win for everyone. We want to renew Ozark homes and let neighborhoods thrive again. We are not completely altruistic but cleaning up Springfield and helping families is why we have decided to get in to this industry.

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